Square Peg ● Round Hole







The Disney experience is only slightly marred by the blocking of my selected cellular international plan.   Actually, for them, it is really smart because it forces you, if so inclined, to purchase their WiFi package.  I could access my phone only when we were in port and honestly, by the time we docked for our first stop, my detox was complete.   Any emergency would have to wait since there isn’t a whole lot I could do way out in the ocean.  Freeing actually, to not have any other responsibility but to relax.

The world would be a better place if run by Disney.   Happiness is contagious.  You can’t help but smile at everyone.  No one is complaining about politics.   No one is worried about the world being dissolved in a nuclear blast.   Everyone was simply in the moment.  Enjoying their family.    Honestly, the no cell phone was a gift.   The only time I was reminded of our imploding government was when Bryce pointed out that the tip of the paintbrush used as decor in one of the restaurants – Animator’s Palate – resembled Trump’s hair.  That kind of took the wind out of my sail, so to speak, but I still enjoyed the food there and tried not to linger so much on the paintbrush.

When we disembarked the ship on Saturday,  our phones dinged so much it sounded like a chorus of bells.   The notifications flooded in and we were quickly ushered into reality.    There is a lot to be said about disconnecting.   It really allowed all of us the time to simply be in that moment.  Enjoying the activities around us.  Connecting with others.  Even with my love/hate relationship with people, I found myself enthralled with getting to know some new individuals.

Disney certainly has cornered the industry on bringing people together, putting a smile on their face, and sending them back into the real world with a different perspective on how life should really be lived.