Square Peg ● Round Hole







I look at the beginning of a new week as a fresh canvas.  My daily guided meditation swirls around in my head as a reminder to “be patient and kind to everyone I encounter”.  That is something I am working diligently on especially to myself.  Monday was weird.   Everything I touched dissolved into a large pile of smelly poo (again, Facebook censors me from cussing, so in order to promote my blog, I must say words like, darn, poo, or flippin’ to get my point across.  Seriously, not the same impact).   Anyway, it all began with responses from emails that basically told me my services were no longer needed, then my car wouldn’t start, my mother called with an “emergency” which resulted in me calling the company she was trying to reach myself while cleaning up a mess regarding her long term care insurance, and then trying to wrangle in fees that are owed to me.   Blah….Blah….Blah

Yesterday morning started with a fresh dose of “there is no internet connection” which resulted in a double dose of sentence enhancers.    After restarting the internet several times with no success, I walked away with one of my meditation mantras dancing in my head…..”I see all challenges in life as stepping stones to my next great adventure”.  I made the bed, wiped the kitchen counter, and focused on what could be done versus what I want to work at this moment. Wouldn’t you know that the internet started to work after I gave it a reprieve.

The day wore on and I felt a sense of peace as I moved through my list of obligations.  Then Mother Nature decided to mess with me and hurl part of our beautiful maple tree into our yard and on our roof during a hideous thunder storm.    My thoughts were “are you fucking kidding me?”  (Guess I won’t promote this blog because seriously, flippin’ doesn’t even cover how I was feeling in the moment and honestly, I need to share my authentic voice.)   Not sure if there is roof or gutter damage, but part of my beloved tree is occupying most of my back yard.  My Bassets are beyond annoyed as it interferes with their potty station.   Life on life’s terms, friends.

So, I did all the next right things.  Called our insurance company for an adjuster to determine if there is any damage and scheduled our tree service company to give us an estimate on removal.  That is all I can do at that moment but I did have a fleeting thought about the possibilities of suing Mother Nature.

Learning to be flexible in the light of obstacles standing in my way is part of my learning process.  My reaction to situations can create an avalanche of unnecessary emotions that deplete my energy.

The shift comes with seeing the situations as a blessings versus a curse.   My spouse fixed my car by putting in a new battery.  The woman I spoke with about my mother’s situation rectified it.    The money owed to me is coming this week, my services not being needed means that someone else will benefit from my talent, and the tree issue will be resolved.  And while the shift comes eventually, sentence enhancers allow me to express myself without shoving my feelings deep within me only to come out later.    They are helpful in the moment.  Easy does it is the mantra for today and everyday because life happens and I need to remember that life doesn’t happen to me but for me.