Square Peg ● Round Hole







When we pulled up to board the Disney cruise, the little girl inside of me bubbled with excitement.  Apparently, I was so outwardly giddy that Bryce told me to “calm down”.   This was our third Disney cruise, but our last one was when the boys were small, so maybe my excitement was that I didn’t have to carry a diaper bag this time around.   If you have never on a Disney cruise, you must go.   I have been on other ships, but Disney’s caliber for excellence can’t be matched.

When I worked at Disney, interning for their college program, the one element to remember was to exude happiness.  Smiling and interacting with guests (never refer to them as customers) ,even those who were less than pleasant, was mandatory.   It wasn’t hard to do because, well, it is the happiest place on earth.  So the staff on the ship was no different.

This time, since everyone in our party was over the age of 18, we got to hang at the adult area where the pool is quiet, the lounge chairs are plush and magical Disney employees accommodate your every need.  Sweating?  Here is a chilled towel.   Thirsty?  A drink is immediately delivered.   My only suggestion would be to have someone fanning me to alleviate the heat.

Then I saw the poor parents with their little kids trudging past us on their way to the family pool where children scream with glee. (It doesn’t sound gleeful when there are hundreds of kids doing it at the same time.)  They looked longingly at our situation.  I grinned at them because I get it.   My time has been served and now I am being rewarded with a serene area to gather where I read and enjoyed my chilled towel.

So now that I am home, I am wondering where my chilled towel is, why isn’t someone asking me my drink order, and when will my laundry be done.