Square Peg ● Round Hole







“Can I get my picture with you?” One would think that question would be directed toward the characters on the ship, but actually it was a constant inquiry that Bailey received from girls Bryce’s age all the way into their twenties. Didn’t matter where we were, Bailey was in a photo. People gravitate to him. One family that we met, who were a highlight of our trip, wanted to adopt him.

Then there is Bryce. Bryce who hasn’t either embraced or figured out that his special needs brother could be his wingman. When Brian and I pointed out the obvious, Bryce insisted he didn’t want to “use” his brother in that way. Are you kidding me? You can’t “use” someone that willingly goes along with it. Bailey adores the attention. It wouldn’t be a trial for him to endure. He simply eats up the attention likes he devours chips and salsa. Even one of the crew members commented that he is an “ambassador” which makes me think that Disney owes me some money since my child enhanced the happiest place cruising the ocean.

What I really think is that Bryce feels awkward around girls and that while he loves Bailey, it makes him a little uncomfortable that his brother receives so much attention. Many times, he is ignored as Bailey’s public is lined up to adore him. I know that going off to college will allow him the opportunity to blossom without being hidden by Bailey’s shadow. And, quite possibly he will embrace that reality of his own personal wingman.