Square Peg ● Round Hole







I want to take time to address a serious epidemic that is ravaging our society.   This condition affects the majority of the male population causing exasperated women to use sentence enhancers on a daily basis.  This condition is most commonly referred to as male blindness.   It causes males to not be able to see what they are looking for in various places in their home.   Common symptoms are opening the refrigerator and barely seeking the item while asking their significant other where said item is.    Some other indications are asking where something is without making the effort to look in the closet, drawer, or refrigerator.

My spouse suffers from this debilitating condition, so I understand firsthand how destructive it is for the family.   It is difficult to understand why he can’t simply move items in the refrigerator to find what he is looking for or perhaps actually open the drawer or closet in search of the shirt he is on the hunt to wear.  But sadly, my entire house of males struggles as well.

And while I would like to think there is hope, the condition worsens.  Those close to the affected individual are accused of throwing out clothes or food that the subject hasn’t even searched for.  It is maddening for the family and breeds a sense of annoyance rather than compassion.  If you or someone you love is suffering from male blindness force them to look for their own shit even if they have to take out every item in the drawer, closet or refrigerator.  While it may be difficult to watch, it is important that those affected embrace their disability.  There apparently is no cure, but I am hoping that one day, males across the land regain their ability to seek and find their own items saving their loved ones their sanity.