Square Peg ● Round Hole







“Is it alright if I touch you there?”  This inquiry came from the TSA agent yesterday while on my way to board my flight for a girl’s week in Santa Fe.  There is part of me that wonders what would happen if I said no, but I decided that I would cooperate and replied with an enthusiastic “yes” accompanied with a bright smile.  Apparently, my left ankle was indicating I was a threat.     For me, it wouldn’t be a TSA check-in if I didn’t hear the snap of latex gloves and someone asking me if they can touch me.  They don’t even buy me dinner first.

Once on board, my friends and I passed the time by catching up.  Between everyone’s work, family, and other responsibilities, we hardly see one another, so this two plus hour flight provided an ideal opportunity.  Apparently not everyone on our flight felt the same way.  Once we landed in Denver to change planes, the woman in front of us was mumbling things like, “They didn’t shut up the entire time.”.   Since I had been up since 3 am, it took me a few extra seconds to figure out that she was referring to our delightful group.   A few minutes later, Becky informed me that the woman had been giving her the stink eye for the majority of the flight.   Can anyone guess why people are a constant annoyance to me?   We were deeply disappointed she wasn’t on our next flight.  Honestly, people like that just provide me with more material for this platform.

Once we landed in Albuquerque, everything was effortless.  Before heading to Santa Fe, we had lunch and a wonderful visit with our friend who had traveled with us on both European tours, and then headed to our home for the week.   Because we are middle-age women who have had children, we pee a lot.   So we pulled over to a rest area and were surprised to find an interesting sign prior to entering the building.  It said, “Do you approve of this area…yes or no,” and then had buttons to push as if you are being surveyed.   Of course, how could I respond without experiencing the restroom in its full glory? Upon entering, I might say, “NO” simply because it looked like a place a homicide might be committed.  Upon further reflection, I might answer “maybe”, if that were an option, simply for the reason that my bladder was happy to have a place to pee.   It was a hard question to answer, so we opted to take a picture of the sign instead.

You just never know what you will experience on a day to day basis.  What I do know is that this week will provide me with an abundance of writing material.  And to the lady on the plane…….bless your heart and we hope you had a fantastic day spreading your sunshine to others.