Square Peg ● Round Hole







Sunday morning, I was nudged to go to church. It doesn’t happen often, but when I have the feeling that it is in my best interest to attend, I try not to ignore it. It is usually my Higher Power being subtle.

As I settled into my pew and knelt to pray, I noticed that my least favorite deacon was to be apart of the mass. Immediately, I was annoyed. Mostly because when he does the homily, I find his message unrelatable. Then I chuckle to myself as I realized that one of my biggest character challenges is being overly judgmental. So, I prayer for him and then hoped he wasn’t delivering the homily. Progress not perfection.

As the ceremonial parts of church moved on and the homily was quickly approaching, God’s delightful sense of humor came into play. Sure enough, he was delivering the message for the day. I closed my eyes, not hoping to fall asleep, but to not focus on his face and really hear his words. Sometimes, it helps me separate the message from the messenger. True to form, it was a message I needed to hear.

He shared that he would be celebrating 23 years of sobriety and that his faith in God was what has facilitated his success. He referred to the spiritual program of Alcoholics Anonymous and how the 12 steps align with his deepening relationship with his Higher Power. I am absorbing the message as if I were a sponge and grinning about how I am relating to his story.

I don’t know why I continue to be surprised on the divine guidance that pops into my life on a daily basis. That after the week I have endured, how timely the message was and that I am simply a spiritual being navigating a human journey. It is humbling and affirming all at the same time. One just never know who the messenger will be. I just have to be willing to listen.