Square Peg ● Round Hole







Remember when I was sharing about my recent trip to Target?  Well, I failed you all because I forgot to share an enlightening experience that made me wonder how certain individuals walk the earth.    While Bryce and I were perusing the linen aisle – this is another blog but he needs help matching colors – I happened to witness a woman sharing her wisdom with her grandson.    As we were looking for sheets for his dorm room, I watched this woman intentionally mow this child over with her cart.   As he screams out in pain, she says, “I am trying to teach you that if you walk in front of the cart, this is what will happen.”   He responds, “You don’t care that I am hurt?”  “Oh, you’re fine.  Walk it off.”  By now my eyes are bigger than saucers and honestly, I would love to give her a teachable moment, but instead I look at Bryce who says to me, “I don’t think that is the way to teach a child about the dangers of walking in front of a cart.”  We quickly move away from the crazy lady as I fear she might be in a mood to teach all of us the dangers of being near her cart.   I also wonder how she will teach him a lesson if he is too close to her car.

It confirmed my belief that shopping in public is dangerous.  You witness things that are completely out of the social norm and you might have to actually interact with humans.  It is too much for me.   One trip to Target every decade might be in my future or perhaps I will be the crazy lady on the block with UPS trucks lined up delivering all of my needs right to my door.