Square Peg ● Round Hole







There is a point in time where I wonder if I am still teachable.  Or quite possibly, I am teachable but only for things that interest me.   While in Santa Fe with two of my friends, the app talk was about Snapchat.   They were so enthused about the premise that I couldn’t help but be enticed to at least try it.   So, I downloaded the app, added my friends who were with me and ventured into the unknown.

Honestly, they lost me at snap.   The process of having all of these social media platforms is great, but I am literally just learning Instagram after having an idle account for the last two years.   I feel the push to keep up, but I am losing ground as I age.   It took me forever to get on Twitter because it felt creepy to have people “follow” me.    And why am I intimidated by a simple app?   Am I not as smart as a teenager?  Don’t answer that. Quite possibly I haven’t given it the attention it deserves.   While I sat between my two very app savvy friends on our plan ride home, I giggled as they showed off their Snapchat ability with such ease.

When I shared with Bryce that I was on Snapchat and that I snapped him (I know that isn’t even a thing, but it sounds funny since we tweet on Twitter).  He wasn’t impressed.  In fact, I think he would rather me not be up on the latest social media trends.   So, maybe I am not one of the cool kids.   Quite possibly, I don’t aspire to be, but at least I can say I am on it without actually using it.   Makes me sounds hip without the effort.