Square Peg ● Round Hole







There is an illusion with time.  While it has only been a week,  it feels longer.   Being with girlfriends brings me back to center.   Talking, laughing, touring, and simply relaxing allows me to return to my world with a sense of contentment.   It is like taking your car to the gas station and filling up.   My tank is on full.  With the shit show going on at home, I hope it stays that way.   Being in a good place will hopefully bring the best version of me to be a part of the solution and not the problem.

As I sit here prior to departing for the airport, I am mindful of several things……spending time with empowering women is vital………..laughing is the ingredient to alleviating stress……….being filled with gratitude smooths over the rough edges that tend to appear……and lastly, God has this amazing plan, so worrying about situations that are out of my control is a complete waste of time.

I am going home to the unknown in some ways.   Family issues have a way of creeping in even when you are on vacation.  It isn’t anything that can’t be handled, but sometimes I look up and say, “Are you kidding me?”.    Yesterday, we visited a beautiful church where I lit two candles and gave my worries to God.  The thought of lighting every single candle available was appealing, but I abstained.  I figured he got the message with the two.

It is interesting how God always works things out in a much better way than I could.  I guess that is why He is who He is and I am who I am.   His job seems a tad stressful.  I will keep working on staying in my lane while He does the hard stuff.