Square Peg ● Round Hole







Since I have been on the bandwagon of total authenticity, I will say that I love the first day of anything that gets people out of my house. Today, Bailey goes back to work….praise Jesus!  Now, in true transparency, I love the break that he gets by working at a high school.   But, let’s just say that he hasn’t been a spoon full of sugar this summer.  The delightful, lovable adult with Down syndrome might be sweet to the rest of the world, but boy, he is giving me a reason to go out with friends for adult beverages.   Actually, I don’t need a reason to hang out with my tribe, but let’s just say, I don’t think twice about leaving him.

Bailey needs structure.  He does better with a routine and while there are some components that fit that criteria, there is a lot of empty space.    I am not one of those Moms that is constantly looking for fun and educational activities to do in the summer. I hire others to do that.   I am tired.  I have been “momming” (no it isn’t a word, but I can create one if I want to) for over twenty-three years.    The sound of my voice saying the same thing over and over again grates on my own nerves.   So yes, I am thrilled that today he goes back to his job.   My grocery bill will be lowered and my dishwasher can exhale.

Yes, I know there are Moms that cry on the first day of school.  That’s adorable.  No, really, it is……for them.    I, on the hand, scream with glee along with bouncing around the house with my new found freedom.    Excessive?  Nope.   Frankly, he is probably just as happy to get away from me as well.  See, it is mutually beneficial that we both go our separate ways.   If you need to escape your children until they have their first day, my door is open and the cork on the champagne will be popped.  There might even be balloons and cake.   Being happy your children are out of the house doesn’t make you a bad mom, it just makes you human.