Square Peg ● Round Hole







Bryce has been almost a whole week and I am still breathing. In fact, I question myself everyday wondering if there is something wrong with me. I thought I would struggle, ache for his presence, and have a hard time moving forward, but, so far, that hasn’t been the case. Maybe it is the everyday phone call that fills me with new information. Wait, that isn’t true. I do get a phone call everyday, but there really isn’t much information. Remember, he is a guy.

“Did you meet anyone new today?” “Yes.” “What are their names? Where are they from? What year are they?” His answer to all of my questions is “I don’t know”. It leads us to the shortest conversation known to man. Maybe I ask a lot of questions because I am a writer or perhaps it provides a way to connect, but this kid is killing me with his lack of information. So, I changed my pattern of questioning and tried it out yesterday. “Did you learn anything new about anyone today?” This saves my oxygen along with my sanity. He actually responds “yes” and tells me about one of the student trainers. Finally, I think, and then I ask the question Bryce hates the most…..”Have you meet your roommate?”

Let me set the scene. When Bryce moves into his new dorm in two weeks, he will have a roommate that is a manager with the football team. They have exchanged a few text after the assignments were made, but now that both are participating with football, Bryce has not met him in person. Why, you ask? Well, that is a very good question and something my son apparently isn’t interested in answering. His response to me is very appropriate…..”this is my college experience.” I have to respect that because this is very much his journey.

I guess I will stick to my own portion of his college experience which doesn’t consist of monogrammed towels or colorful duvets for his bed. Nope, my part is buying a plunger (they will have a private bathroom) and Febreze. That is the extend of decorating needed for a boy. As far as our conversations, I think I will just do a lot of listening and less questioning.