Square Peg ● Round Hole







This marks the first day of school where I am not actually sending a human into the world by providing a nutritious breakfast or making them pose for a mandatory photo.  I asked Bryce if he could do a selfie and send it to me.  I knew what the answer would be. The only time he willingly posed was to show the world that the trunk of his car was large enough for a body to fit comfortably.  I am not sure that is a great thing to share with everyone, but he is who he is.

So, in an effort to honor his request, I accepted his answer of “no”.  He has choices, but so do I.   Fathead Bryce has been on vacation since graduation.   Let’s face it, he was exhausted.  He has traveled and cheered on his favorite human, but I allowed him an adult timeout until today.  I didn’t ask what he did on his vacation because, well, that isn’t any of my business.  Today, Fathead Bryce would pose for the photo that I wanted the original Bryce to participate in.  Fathead Bryce to the rescue.   And for the record, Bryce didn’t say anything about not using Fathead Bryce, so I am honoring both of us.   It is a win-win.

Since the original Bryce is making his way into the world, Fathead Bryce will be on an extended vacation and will only make special appearances.  I was told not to bring him to any WKU games and I will take that under advisement.   Blackmail is a powerful tool in the game of parenting.   Being a Mom has its perks and I delight in them.