Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am sure that you think my life as a writer is full of fun and fabulous experiences.  That I bask in the light of inspiration while enjoying the solitude of my chosen career.  While I have been fortunate to get paid to do what I love – not many freelance writers are that lucky – there are moments where I question my sanity.

As with any assignment that I am fortunate to receive, there is a deadline attached.  I am one who is eager to meet or perhaps, on occasion, be early on my delivery.   I am mindful of my finished product being the best representation of my work.  With that being said, I also have to deal with keeping track of payment.   With any small, independent business, I invoice upon completion of the project and adhere to each of my client’s payment schedules.  Most pay immediately while others have different terms.    And then there are those who don’t pay anywhere near what they impose.  So, it is my duty to act as my own collection agency.  What a nightmare.

Most recently, I am dealing with an entity that is sixty days past their payment.   I have had issues before with them,  but eventually am paid.  Over the course of the last two weeks I have sent emails with friendly reminders while most recently including someone higher up.  The only response was that it was being checked on and then complete, deafening silence.  I am currently trying to navigate this very delicate situation without using my sarcasm to illustrate my disappointment.

Of course, I would like to think I don’t have all the information, but when emails are ignored, I lean farther away from being compassionate.    This is the downfall of being an independent contractor and putting your trust into those entities that have raised a red flag previously.   Sure, even IF I get paid, I do know that I will not be writing for them in the future.  That is a bold statement from someone whose livelihood depends on the limited pool of opportunities.  But, I am not willing to compromise myself in an effort to stay relevant in a field where writers are literally a dime a dozen.    I am too old for that shit and being true to me means not selling myself short.

In this situation, more will be revealed.   This is just another opportunity to learn.   Being teachable will help me navigate this with dignity and grace instead of what I would love to do which is go in with guns blazing.  That kind of attitude has never been successful and today, I want to be the best version of me.