Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yesterday, Bailey played in a regional tournament for Special Olympics softball.  It was the second game of the tournament and if they won, we would be heading to state.   I missed the first game held on Friday night to attend a football game with my youngest who came in from college just to see his Alma mater play on ESPNU.   I fielded questions regarding the whereabouts of my special needs son for most of the game and then a sprinkle of guilt flowed through me.   Am I a bad Mom for blowing off my oldest son’s game?  After a few minutes of shame and guilt, I shrugged it off.  Remember, I have been doing the Special Olympic route for over 12 years.   I have volunteered my time and so has my spouse.   We have lived it and will continue to until we take our last breath.

So yesterday, we attended his second game where the winner moves on to state.  Now, you probably think that this is all warm and fuzzy.  That everyone is so wonderful and kind.  You would be wrong.  I mean, most people are, but with any organizational team sport, there are those people who suck the fun out of it.  There are still competitive coaches and parents.  There is drama. Oh, boy there is drama.  But, when you discard all the crap that the adults bring – there is always someone who is a buzzkill- there are those blessings during tournament time.   The kid that has never hit the ball.  The kid that has come out of his shell after being reluctant to participate at the beginning of the season.  We have experienced it all.

Bailey’s team made it to state which happens to be in Bowling Green where Bryce attends school. (This Mom is super happy about having my whole family together for the weekend and watching Bryce work his first home game with WKU’s football team.)  Tournament time brings out the miracles and somehow silences the ugliness that some can bring.   Isn’t that how life works?  I can spend a lot of time looking at things as obstacles, challenges and end up frustrated blended with a feeling of being overwhelmed.   If I can look beyond that and search for the goodness, that is when I see the miracles and blessings.  Learning to be an observer as well as a participant leads to better experiences in all areas of my life.