Square Peg ● Round Hole







I greet Mondays with the same attitude I do every other day……Thank you God for another day to live my life. This week is starting off with a bang or banging because we are getting a new roof. The guys reported at 7 am. I, of course, warned my neighbors because I am considerate that way. I even gave Presley some medicinal relief to ease her anxiety of the constant pounding. I probably should have given myself some too. (Joking…..sort of)

Between the rhythmic pounding and my barking Basset, I am missing the quiet that my mornings bring, but am not completely blind to the gratitude that we are able to purchase a new roof. I have a home that is a haven of protection for my family. These bits of blessings are not lost on me at all.

I brought the girls downstairs in an effort to at least shield them from the intensity of the sound. It was a distraction of sorts. As I started my workout, Presley decided it would be a great idea to join in, so when I did plank she wedged under me. When I did hip bridge, Daisy sat on my head. She is hefty. (I don’t want to hurt her feelings, but she has a rather large ass.) I don’t think that this will be a new workout trend unless it counts that I physically moved them both out of my way several times.

Today is a minor inconvenience that will result in a brand new roof no longer marred by nature’s touch. Right now, Presley has decided to stop barking even though the rhythmic pounding continues. Maybe her medication kicked in or quite possibly she exhausted herself. Despite the amplification of the day, we are all in a state of appreciation. Well, I am. I can’t speak for the girls. They are going to have their own thoughts I’m sure.