Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yesterday we conquered the task of bringing the rest of Bryce’s items that will fill in the missing pieces his new dorm is craving.  You know, like a television and a plunger.  The necessities that every male requires.   The television out of sheer pleasure and the plunger for, well, the situations that aren’t always expected.    This particular dorm is brand new and Bryce is fortunate enough to be one of the first inhabitants.  I was excited to work my magic.

If you have boys, you understand that they have a lack of creative ingenuity with decorating.   Their visual landscape is limited to where the television will best serve its purpose.   I gave Brian the task of doing the electronic items while I organized his cabinets with cleaning supplies, dishware along with the closet.  Bailey’s job was to antagonize his brother, which he seems to be a pro at doing.   We were on a time restraint since Bryce needed to report to the stadium for his trainer gig, so I was convinced that we were going to have to rush through it.  Imagine my surprise when an hour later we were done.    Several of my decor ideas were nixed, but I just attributed that to Bryce not having a vision.  It’s fine really as I will just redecorate his room here to my own liking.

So, he is officially official.  Settled, happy, and completely comfortable with his surroundings.  Of course, he has no idea where his classes are, but I am confident that he will figure all of that out in due time.  Plus, I am sure I will be fielding phone calls that require problem solving skills.  In the meantime, peace out.