Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yesterday morning, I heard a loud thump as if something had fallen downstairs.  I head to the top of the stairs and ask Bailey what the noise was and he responds, “I fell,”.   “Are you all right?”   “What made you fall?”   He responds that he slipped in water.  Apparently after the intense rainfall of the morning, we had water in the basement.  A basement that I had just checked moments prior.  Then he says, “Didn’t you get my text?”.  Well, that would be a no since I was charging my phone.  And why the hell was he texting me such pertinent information?  Anyway, I surveyed the area, dropping  towels to soak up the moisture and helping Bailey dry off while highly recommending that he ditch the underwear he was wearing in favor of ones that actually have a seat in them.  In fact, I had told him to throw those away months ago.  After further examination, I realized the culprit for all of the water was one of our window wells.   I dashed upstairs, put on my rain gear and headed outside to move our pump into the well that would assist in the quick removal of the rising water.  It was an effort to say the least, but after I finally got it pumping, I exhaled.

As the water pumped and Bailey was ready to leave for work, my phone rings and it is my other son.   I answer the phone and am greeted with, “Okay, I have $2.50 to do laundry and it takes $3.00 to do a load.  What should I do?”  In my head I am thinking, “WTF”, but I refrain from saying that.   Instead I offer helpful suggestions like, “Go down and ask the people at the front desk for change or a location to get change. See if there is a change machine in the laundry room.”  That suggestion got a “Change machines probably don’t exist anymore.  Kind of like a pay phone,”.    I sigh.   “You can also go to your bank and get change or perhaps a store.”     After offering a litany of helpful tips in getting enough change for his laundry, he responds, “I knew you would have a solution.  That’s why I called,”.

The water receded, Bailey assured me that he had put on underwear that actually covered his ass, and Bryce was able to get change from….wait for it…….a change machine, I was able to look at the whole scenario and laugh.  You see, with all the transition, I was worried that I wouldn’t be needed anymore by my children.  Now, I am thinking I should be careful what I wish for.