Square Peg ● Round Hole







Define stalking.  I, personally, believe that it is the obsession of an entity.  Perhaps it is the following literally or figuratively.  Maybe it’s both.  I am not a stalker.  I prefer to be called a MI – Mom Investigator.  It isn’t creepy, just thorough and discreet.  My youngest disagrees.

When Bryce first found out about his roommate, I instantly went into MI mode.  Don’t even act like you haven’t fallen into the abyss of investigating people in your children’s lives.  Now, with the looming stranger that will be rooming with Bryce, it is my duty to thoroughly uncover the information. I first scoured Facebook where I uncovered various newspaper articles about him.  He SEEMS perfectly harmless with his athleticism in both baseball and football.  He also looks like the all-American boy next door.   It is always those innocent ones you have to watch (kidding, sort of).   Anyway, I revealed my findings to Bryce who was horrified that I would do such a thing.  He called me “creepy” and a “stalker”.  Whatever.  Ungrateful child.

So, yesterday, after being on campus two weeks, there are still no sightings of his roommate that is suppose to be at football camp too as a manager.  Bryce has even texted – finally, after I was on his ass because I think it is weird they haven’t connected – and has yet to receive a response.   Yesterday, his group of trainers that he has gotten to know did their own research and Bryce was happy to report that he now knows what he looks like.  Again, he could have had that info when I did my own research, but no, apparently it isn’t “creepy” or “stalking” when your friends do it.   Whatever.

The mystery shrouding his roommate still looms.   This Thursday he will move into his actual dorm that he will share with this individual.  More will be revealed and maybe one day my ninja sleuthing skills will be appreciated.