Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am a nice person.  No…really, I am.  I know that sometimes I come off like a bitchy, menopausal woman with an aversion to other people.  The exception, of course, are those who are in my tribe.  I lean towards being a pleasant human up until other homo sapiens completely undermine my efforts.

While driving my car, I no longer give the finger when someone is a complete and utter asshole. You just never know how someone will react, so I adopted a safer option.   Instead, I honk my horn as if I were in some sort of parade.  Long and loud.  Yesterday, I did it to the genius who thought the stop sign was a mere suggestion.  I was stopped and ready to proceed, when he barreled through as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

I wish I could honk my horn when I am held hostage in a group text or email.   Yesterday, I received an email from our club sharing the details of our golf course and all the efforts made to keep it lush and pristine.   I don’t really care, but some people apparently were thrilled and kept hitting “reply all”.   I now have thirty new emails this morning thanking the original sender.   For the love of Jesus don’t hit reply all.

Group text are equally as annoying.   I am fine with the occasional ones that are relevant to me.   But, then those sneaky individuals who start using the same group for complete nonsense.   Once I was in a meeting and came out to twenty-five new texts with various exchanges that ranged from their weekend plans to various GIFs.   None of information was necessary for me to continue my day.   I wish there was a way to send a reply that was simply a loud horn honking.

Oh, and lastly, those people who are still posting about the Facebook algorithm.  Please STOP.  I no longer simply post on their comments that it is a scam, but instead paste the link to the Snopes article.   It is the most subtle and pleasant way I can share the information without being a full blown bitch.   Where is a loud horn when you need it? Maybe I just need one of those clown horns that I can take wherever I go.  It would definitely be effective in keeping certain individuals at bay.   Rant over.  Now go enjoy your day while I sprinkle my delightful, sarcastic ray of sunshine to the rest of humanity.