Square Peg ● Round Hole







After being with Brian for over 28 years, we have had some ridiculous disagreements.  They are all contingent on how immature one or both of us are.  If one of us decides to be mature and take the high-road, then we can usually come to a peaceful resolution quite quickly.   When both of us act like assholes, well, it takes longer.

Every other Sunday is designated as Costco day.   Brian is kind enough to take on this rather tedious chore because, well, I hate it.  Upon his return, I was going out to help him, but there was a large Basset in the way.  So I was trying to move her along with being of assistance to Brian, but it ended up being a clusterfuck.   You see, apparently, what I was doing wasn’t being helpful.  At least that is what my spouse said in a very abrupt, assholish  (I know you think that isn’t a word, but check Urban dictionary) tone.  I reacted to his assholishness (another new word from Urban dictionary…you’re welcome) and proceeded to overreact which resulted in Brian saying that I was acting “psycho”.  When someone says to “calm down”, do you respond to that?  Does it make you feel calmer?  No, it doesn’t.  It makes me the opposite.  So when Brian said that I was acting “psycho”, my inner voice responded, “challenge accepted”.   It was on people.  The two of us were acting like complete idiots.  As our exchange escalated, I finally told him not to talk to me.  I might have said “ever again”, but I don’t recall.   I guess his inner voice said, “challenge accepted” on that because we did not speak for a full twenty-four hours.

When he got home last night, I inquired as to why he wasn’t speaking to me.   He responded that I told him not to speak to me “ever again”.   The one time he actually listens to me is when we are bickering like two assholes.  Interesting.  Anyway, the dialogue was started and we both realized that we have no idea what we were fighting about, but that it was one of our more inane disagreements.   And we moved on as if nothing had happened.

Being with someone as long as we have been together, there are going to be arguments.  It happens.   Whenever we argue, Bailey inquires if we are getting a divorce.  My response is “no” as he is convinced that people that argue get divorced.  That might be true in some cases, but, for today, I don’t see that in our future.  You see, Brian and I have come to the conclusion that we are perfectly suited for one another because no one else could tolerate either of us.