Square Peg ● Round Hole







The weekend can only be described as, well, maybe there isn’t a word for it. There were so many emotions that were experienced, so I will just zero in on the those that made the most impact. Several months ago, a friend of mine was put on the kidney donor list. We are a day apart in age and her plight, of course, had a strong hold of my heart.

My father spent sixteen years on dialysis. He was the man who simply added this three hour routine to his day. Never a complaint. There was discussion of doing a kidney transplant and I was eager to help, but he wouldn’t even consider it. This was before marriage and children. He was a forward thinker and wouldn’t consider either of his daughters because of how it might impact us if we were to ever have children. So, he trudged on with a smile on his face and an attitude that I could only hope to emulate. Friday would have been his 89th birthday.

When my friend went on the transplant list, I didn’t hesitate in putting my name in the hat. It was my do over. There were others who willingly offered as well, and so the journey began. But, God had another plan in mind. A teenage boy, who was a student at the same school where my friend works, passed away last week. On Friday, my friend found out that she would receive his kidney. Take that in for a moment.

We were out of town at a Special Olympics Softball tournament when we found out the news. I was overwhelmed by happiness blended with intense sorrow for the family of the deceased young man. When questioning God’s reasoning for taking a child from his mother, He answers with the miracles that were provided by his organ donations. It doesn’t take away the pain of loss, but it does provide a beacon of hope.

I don’t pretend to understand how God’s plan works. I do question him a lot. You see, He doesn’t mind the questions, but what He asks of me is to simply trust. In situations like this, I am left speechless. But, in the middle of this heart wrenching loss, my friend gets another chance to live a happy, healthy life. That is an incredible gift.

Life is a precious commodity. One that is taken for granted day after day. There are no guarantees. We can get caught up in the mundane. Lost in our own lives. Stressing over stuff that is meaningless. So, in honor of all of those who don’t get another day, live in a state of gratitude. Upon waking up in the morning, give God an appreciative greeting and pray for all of those who don’t get that opportunity.