Square Peg ● Round Hole







My Saturday was laid out as a day where being a slug was highly recommended.  The revolving door had Bryce coming home for a blip on Friday night and returning yesterday morning.  Brian had a commitment and Bailey was otherwise occupied doing whatever he does which could range from watching Barney – I thought he was over that phase – or having his own dance party.

When I realized that John McCain’s funeral would be televised, I quickly found a station and glued my eyes to the screen.   The gathering was a blend of political power and celebrity status.  Jay Leno was there along with Warren Beatty (I had no idea they were longtime  friends and he was a pallbearer) and seriously, I thought Henry Kissinger had already died, so I was surprised to see him.   John’s mother was there at the age of 106!  And then there were the messages.  The messages of hope that I think I needed to hear.

Because of his ability to reach across party lines, yesterday I felt connected to human beings despite their political alliances.    The messages from two of our former presidents blended humor and inspiration.   They spoke of our country and how great it is to be an American.   I think somewhere in the midst of chaos, uncertainty, and confusion, we lost that pivotal piece of the puzzle.   The piece that tells us that America has always been great.  That view has been clouded.  It has been distorted by rhetoric and individuals who have their own agenda – on both sides of the aisles.    But there was more to the story.  They spoke of a man who had passion, fire, and determination to make a difference.    Lingering in the air are his words, “we are better than this”.   We are indeed.

When his daughter, Meghan, spoke, my heart ached for her.   The tears streamed down my face as I listened to her eulogy that was filled with stories, anger toward the current state of our country, and powerful words that described the man that her father was and the legacy that he left.

I listened to all the messages that were shared.  Messages of hope, which for me, was music to my ears.    I feel like we live in a large romper room with no adult supervision.  I feel like name calling has replaced having a civilized  conversation and that collectively we are missing the big picture.   Our primary purpose is to uphold the legacy that was left to us by our forefathers.  Continuing to grow, learn, and be willing to look at the areas that desperately need improvement.  Maybe I am naive, but I grew up believing that this country stood on a firm foundation.   I grew up hearing stories of my father’s service to the land of the free.    I am a middle-age woman who still holds onto the idea that our country will survive this division and will rise from it.  Again, maybe I am naive, but after yesterday, I found a little hope that had dimmed.

This is not a political rant, but as any blog I write, each person will interpret my words in their own way.   Take what you like and leave the rest.   Remember that we are human beings.  It doesn’t matter where you came from, what you look like, or what your affiliation is, we are a collective group of individuals who want our country to thrive.  Yes, we all might have different opinions on how that might look, but in the end, our primary purpose is same.