Square Peg ● Round Hole







Ladies, beware.   The dreaded “man cold” is making its rounds.  It crept in and took a hold of Brian during our weekend festivities.  Oh sure, it disguises itself well.  Subtle sniffles blended with a slight cough.   You think this will pass, but then the whining starts.  The moaning about how “sick” they are but in the meantime, they are unwilling to do anything about it.

Courtesy of a head injury due to a car accident where Brian became rather intimate with a light pole, he is down a sinus.   This means that his congestion can go from 0 to sinus infection in the blink of an eye.   Armed with that knowledge, one would think he would address it immediately, but sadly, that would not be the case.

Upon the incessant moaning and groaning of his current health status, I said, “if you feel that bad maybe a doctor would be helpful”.  I was greeted with mumbling coupled with a probable eye roll.   Sure, I seem heartless, but there are probably a lot of women head bobbing in agreement.   Men are babies when they are sick or better yet, they live in a land of denial.

I always like to bring up examples of when going to the doctor was a great idea.  When the power of denying he was in need of medical attention took a different turn. “Remember the time you had chest pains and wanted to take a nap, but instead I forced you to go to the ER where you ended up having an angioplasty?”   “Remember the time you waited so long to address your congestion, it turned into pneumonia and bronchitis where we ended up in the ER because your primary care doctor was that concerned?”  The list goes on and on.   Yesterday, by a some miracle, Brian ended up going to the doctor where he was diagnosed with a sinus and double ear infection.  His new best friend, Zithromax, will help him recover.   In the meantime, he is still grumpy and acts as if no one has ever felt this bad.  Whatever.

Oh sure, it sounds like I am lacking compassion for my ailing spouse.  I am a veteran at navigating the “man-child sick zone”.   I revel in the knowledge that after 28 years together, he actually went to the doctor on his own accord.   We are making progress even if he still flops on the bed to moan.  I will take what I can get.