Square Peg ● Round Hole







Our dinner table conversation can take on a life of its own.  Bailey and Brian went to see a movie yesterday and when they came home we sat down to dinner.   The June Cleaver in me prepared a chicken pot pie.  Not homemade, of course, but from a store that made it fresh, so it counts.  I am June Cleaver 2.0.  Anyway, there was a discussion of the movie where ant man and a wasp lady start dating.  This is Bailey’s synopsis. I inquired if my delightful son had accomplished his tasks that included starting his laundry and cleaning his bathroom.   I was met with excuses that ranged from being super busy between breakfast and lunch watching YouTube that he didn’t even have time to brush his teeth.  When I started preaching about how adults brush their teeth everyday and if he wants to move out these are the things he needs to be doing.  “Mom, just eat your food.  I am trying to concentrate and you are bothering me.”    All of you who still think my son with Down syndrome is super adorable, raise your hand.  UGH……

Then I look over and our fearless family leader is folding his napkin over and over again.

“What are you are doing?”

“They say that you can’t fold paper more than seven times and you really can’t. I can only fold this napkin seven times.”

When I hear bizarre stuff come out of my spouse’s mouth, I instantly lean toward “where the hell did you hear that” and then promptly proceed to, “challenge accepted”.   I folded my napkin eight times and proudly smirked at him.   His response was, “maybe it was over eight times”.

“So, basically you don’t know what you are talking about?”  This reminds me of the ridiculous people who continue to post about the Facebook algorithm and have never actually tested it, but claim it works.    (Yes, I haven’t let this go.  I am still pasting the link to Snopes.com every time someone shares that ridiculous post.   I seriously worry about those people.)

Of course, I go look that shit up and find out it is a flippin’ myth.   Actually, you can fold paper as many times as you want, but as you continue to fold it gets more and more difficult.   Aren’t you glad you now have some useless information that you can store away for later use?

This is typical in our exchanges.   There is a lot of eye rolling on my part and a great deal of exasperation coming from my oldest son, but it is our family dinner.  This is our time to come together after a long day and share useless information with one another.   Now, I imagine that you will now go and see how many times you can fold a piece of paper.  You’re welcome.  My work here is done.