Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am spending the early morning in my writing oasis tucked away from my house.  The only sounds are the crickets and the clicking of the keyboard.    My dogs were my alarm clock at 5 am urging me to get up and be creative.  Okay, they had their own agenda, but I like to believe that they are trying to help surge my creative process.

Summer has shed its warmth  and the air is crisp.   I love living in a place where I can experience the four seasons.  Sometimes, I get to experience them all in one day, but that  only happens when Mother Nature is on a bender.   I see the change of seasons as a fresh start.  A chance of renewal.    There are those who look upon fall and winter as evil co-conspirators.   Social media will become a platform for complaints about the seasonal takeover, but I will not allow that to deter my gratitude.

Soon the trees will begin to shed their leaves, littering the ground below.  The days will become shorter and darkness falls earlier.  My guilt for having my pajamas on at 6 pm is shelved until spring.   Layers cover my “bathing suit” body.   Honestly, I wonder why no one talks about getting your body ready for winter?   I accomplished that feat years ago.   Oh, and with the cooler weather, I no longer have the need to shave my legs everyday.   There are so many pockets of blessings that come with the change of seasons.  It truly is about perspective.