Square Peg ● Round Hole







“Is there a sleeper sofa?”  I inquired after realizing that the reservation I made for the weekend was a room with a king bed not two double beds.  “Um, no.”  Well, that was an interesting development.    Our presence in Bowling Green was two fold.  Bailey was participating in the Special Olympics State softball tournament and it would be Bryce’s first home game as a student athletic trainer for WKU’s football team.  It was a win-win or so it seemed until I botched the reservation.

Once we got into the room, I surveyed the space.  “I could sleep in the chair.”  I offer this with an ulterior motive.  You see, surely one of my guys would volunteer.  Nope.  Nothing but crickets.   So, I laid out another plan of action.    “Bailey, did you know that your Dad loves to cuddle?”    Bailey grins.  He loves slumber parties with Brian.  “So, when we go to sleep tonight, move over really close to him.”   He agrees and my plan is in motion.

Our first game was Friday night, so we headed over to the ballpark after dinner.   We hadn’t played this team before, but I had high hopes. Tournament time tends to bring out the miracles.  Our team’s miracle was not to lose their shit over the skill of the team we were playing.   We are considered low B and this team could easily play in an upper division.  Plus, I wanted to ask a few what their disability was exactly.   I can’t confirm or deny that many might have driven themselves there and were headed to a bar after their big win.   The score  was 17-1.  Our one run was completed by a young man who had never scored, so there was a sliver of a silver lining.

We went back to our hotel after getting ice cream to soothe the sting of losing  and visiting Bryce at his dorm.  True to his word, Bailey scoots over next to Brian as we settle in for the night.  I have half of the bed to myself.   Pleased with my ingenious plan, I drift off to sleep.   Upon waking up the next morning, Brian asks how I slept.   “Great,” I respond.  He narrows his eyes at me and I just grin.   Bailey and I both had an excellent night sleep.

Since it was double elimination, our game was at 9 am.   I am not ashamed that I wanted us to lose.  Did you just gasp?  Please, I have spent the last twelve years occupying the same space.   Tournament after tournament.  Game after game.  We have more medals than Michael Phelps.  Too bad they aren’t real.  Plus, I wanted more time to enjoy the festivities prior to the WKU football game.  The universe was on my side.  We lost, but you know, the team had fun and that was the primary purpose.

When we arrived at the football game, I was on my best behavior.  I did not scream Bryce’s name, wave my arms like a maniac, or make him pose for a photo (not that he would have done so anyway). I watched him from a far.   Proud of his work ethic and his ability to step into a role where he is the only freshman in a sea of upperclassmen.

The weekend was celebration of my two crowning achievements.  It helped that I was able to obtain a good night sleep thanks to my ultra cuddly oldest son.