Square Peg ● Round Hole







Fall break swooped in with a visit from our college kid.   He wasn’t traveling with the football team this weekend, so we are in the midst of enjoying an extended stay.  When he arrived on Thursday, I told him that he would be my chauffeur to the grocery.  Naturally, he rolled his eyes, but he knew that if he went with me, he will be rewarded with items to take back to school.

As we navigated the aisles of Fresh Thyme (I despise Kroger and haven’t walked in there in over two years), he was telling me about a party he attended the previous night.  Let me state, for the record, that Bryce has made a conscience decision not to drink alcohol before the age of 21.  With the history of alcoholism running deep on both sides of the family, I think his awareness is heightened.  He was a toddler when Brian got sober, so he has never seen him drink, but he has experienced the lingering effects.  We have been vigilant in sharing the family history in an effort for him to make the decision that best suits him.

One of the student athletic trainers had hosted a party.  There are thirteen of them and Bryce is the only freshman.  They have welcomed him into their circle with no pressure in drinking.  So, we are in the grocery where Bryce is telling me about a drinking game involving cards.   If someone were listening to our conversation, they would be either appalled or jazzed that this was our topic.   Seriously, I am asking questions because the rules are hard for me to follow and I am completely sober.  What they don’t know was that my kid’s drink of choice was an Arnold Palmer.   After bombarding him with too many questions, I asked whatever happened to the game of quarters.   He replied, “What’s that?”.   Apparently, drinking games have gotten more refined or maybe I am just old.

My college experience was a whole lot different.   I am grateful that the decisions that he is making are what is best for him and not an effort to fit in.   That he honors his convictions.   Sure, he may change his mind before he turns twenty-one.  He may have alcoholic tendencies.   There are lots of unknowns.  But, for today, he doesn’t experiment with alcohol and I am grateful I no longer play drinking games.