Square Peg ● Round Hole







I peruse Facebook like I always do.  Catching up with friends, seeing how many people are falling victim to hoaxes, you know, the norm.   Just when I think things can’t get any more dire, they do.  I see an inbox message from a “friend”.  I use quotes because, let’s be honest, I don’t even have this person’s cell number.  I digress.   Their message indicated that my account had been compromised and to copy/paste her message to send to all of my friends.  Ummm……no.   First of all, duh, it is a hoax and second, I detest these inane messages where there is an insistence of copy/pasting.  Like if I do that I will save the world from imploding.  Copy and paste if you want to cure cancer.  Copy and paste if you believe in unicorns that shoot glitter out of their butts.    So, you see, I am not a fan.   I spent the day sharing a link that explained that nobody had been compromised and that it is a hoax.  No kidding, people are incredible gullible.  No fact checking.  Not even considering that it could be untrue.  It was like the blind leading the blind.

Last night, when I thought people couldn’t get even more unbelievable, there was yet another issue.  This time people were sharing a post supposedly from Ellen DeGeneres.  If you shared it and commented something like, “I win” in the comments, you were in the running for a big prize.   First of all, her name was spelled incorrectly and, wait for it, there were grammar and spelling errors.   But share away because our society is apparently filled with individuals who follow the herd.   I mean, I guess if a post says it isn’t a scam then there is no need to even consider it being false.

My eyes hurt from rolling them so hard.  There might be a time where I have to seek medical treatment for them.     I wonder, are these the same people that vote?   If so, are they informed?   Not feeling too comfortable at this point with the evidence at hand.  My hope is dwindling and I think we are in BIG trouble.   There are not enough cuss words at this point to colorful express my feelings.

Somewhere under the debris of unicorn glitter, misguided posts, and the continued scams that flood social media, there will be one that will provide a brain to those who have misplaced theirs.   Be sure to copy and paste that one.