Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have spent the week dealing with cleaning up messes or dealing with petulant children disguised as adults.   It is now glaringly obvious as to why Noah chose animals to accompany him on the ark instead of people.    The only gratitude is that my current state of affairs has forced me to be creative in my solutions.

My 87 year old mother has been ill this week.  Nothing major, just enough to throw me for a loop.  She requires a lot of attention and is a little needy.  There is a reason I decided to not become a nurse.  Sick people are whiny.  On top of that, there are some tiny red flags concerning her caregiver which has given me the opportunity to spend an enormous amount of time on the phone.  Let’s throw in some birthdays, planning a wedding shower, and oh, other individuals who grate on my last nerve.  Last night, my wick of patience was wearing thin.  Evidence that maybe being with other humans was not a great idea.

In situations like this, I should be placed in isolation.   Might sound like a punishment to others, but it sounds like a slice of heaven to me.   I am not in a position to play well with others.    Those that are currently testing my patience have been doing it for years.  They perfected their talent by pushing my buttons.   I have to resist.  I have to be able to swallow the words that I want so desperately to say.

But, the beauty today is that I have choices.  I don’t have to spend time with children disguised as adults.   Sometimes I forget the beauty of making decisions that best fit me.  Sometimes, I am so busy trying to care for others that I forget to care for me.  Well, yesterday was a wonderful reminder that I am my first priority.

This too shall pass.   The shift comes when I look at these varied scenarios and use them to my advantage.   Stop allowing these petulant children who are drowning in their own misery to have so much power over me.    Resting bitch face is my friend along with the knowledge that karma always wins.   I just hope I am around to see it come to fruition.