Square Peg ● Round Hole







My spouse doesn’t typically call during the day, so when my phone rang yesterday, I answered.  He was kind enough to let me know that I was on speakerphone and that some of his female coworkers were in his office.   I am not the person that should EVER be on speakerphone without knowing it, so I appreciated the warning.   Just another way he shows me he loves me.  Anyway, the question on the table was regarding whether or not one can have multiple best friends.   I responded “yes” and really felt like it was a stupid question.  There were celebratory responses from his female coworkers, so apparently Brian was not in agreement.

His argument was that the word “best” implies singular.   My confusion lies in the fact that my husband – the person who ends sentences with prepositions, can’t punctuate to save his life, and sometimes calls me to assist him in constructing an email – wants to test the waters of grammar rules.   And while I am pleased, and, frankly, a little scared that this is residing at the forefront of his mind, nothing surprises me about his agenda.  He loves to argue about ridiculous things to get a rise out of people, and was surprised that I didn’t agree with him.  I can’t remember his exact words but he thought it would bother me how the word “best” is used.  Honestly, never thought about it.

Interestingly enough, this apparently is a big debate.  Grammarians are up in arms about it, but I don’t see the issue.   I have bigger battles to fight.  The lack of comma usage is becoming an epidemic.   There are grandmothers whose lives are at risk simply because someone refuses to place a comma in the correct place. (Let’s eat Grandma versus Let’s eat, Grandma).  But, with the issue at hand, yes, I have more than one best friend.  Let the grammar police arrest me, but the cells will be full because I am not the only one committing this heinous act of grammar betrayal.

So, my friends, go hang with your best friends.  Or perhaps, you will choose to call them close friends in an effort to not aggravate the grammarians.  Whatever.  I am just to going to hang out and think about how incredible MY best friends are and close the door on this annoying argument.