Square Peg ● Round Hole







What I enjoy most about social media is reading the ridiculous posts from individuals who apparently need a lot of feedback in order to function. Truthfully, I don’t really need to search that hard since they pretty much litter the landscape.   Yesterday, while perusing Facebook, I came across a lot of what I label as “what makes society unappealing”.   While the change of Halloween to today because of rain did make my eyes roll, that wasn’t what questioned our current state of intelligence. (Yes, Louisville, Kentucky has decided to change the annual holiday where we send innocent children to stranger’s home collecting candy to today, because, well, it is going to rain tomorrow.)

I belong to a local neighborhood watch group page that is pretty informative when it comes to crime in our immediate area.   Periodically, there are those who will post the most inane observations or questions.   Yesterday, a woman asked what she should do as she heard gunshots.   Yes, please let that sink in for a moment.   She is posting on social media to gauge what she should do because calling 911 apparently didn’t register.  Reading further down, she reveals that she didn’t hear them but her neighbors did.  So, not only was her post misleading, but she is technically an unreliable source.

Christ on a cracker, friends!  Common sense must be a luxury amenity.   Another guy posted yesterday that he chased after a guy who was walking down the street minding his own business, but “seemed suspicious” when he stopped to take a picture of someone’s home.   The “suspect” responded that he periodically takes photos of homes as he is redoing his and loves to get different ideas.   Seriously, Barney Fife called and he wants his badge back.

We are becoming a blend of paranoia mixed with a lack of sensibility.   I am all about being vigilant.  I am all about being informed, but seriously, some of these individuals take it to a whole new level.    But, then again we still let our kids go door to door collecting candy from strangers.