Square Peg ● Round Hole







I will admit that when Twitter, Instagram, and anything else that offered “followers” began, I thought that the internet was promoting stalking.   It was a foreign concept of having strangers comment on various posts. But trying to procure a following for my blog, I needed to put myself out there.

Fast forward and I have a pretty decent social media platform.    My followers are growing while I still navigate the best tactic for gaining more.  With that being said, there is the “creep” factor.  There are always a few who try to ruin the vibe.  Recently, I have received some creepy messages through Instagram.   Surprisingly, it isn’t that these are menacing men looking for something other than my blog that disturbs me.  It is their lack of grammar and sentence structure ability that gives me chills .  I cringe while reading them.  Instagram offers the ability to decline a message.  It is hard for me to do that because I really want to correct the errors and send it back.  Here are examples of two that I received recently.  The first one read, “hi pretty,”.  That doesn’t even make sense. He could have said, “Hello, beautiful”.  That would have been acceptable.  The other one read, “hope you don’t mind i want to get to know you better”.   Well, I do mind because you are a creepy troll on social media, but forget that emotion for a minute, let’s focus on your lack of writing skills.

This isn’t my first rodeo.  I had my share of really horrid emails when I wrote a column for our local newspaper.   They had lots to say about how they despise what I wrote, yet, it was lost in translation because their ability to communicate with the written word was horrendous.   Maybe my life purpose is to help social media trolls improve their linguistic skills.   I am sure that there is a market for it.