Square Peg ● Round Hole







When the boys were younger, I remember reminding them to find another word to use instead of “hate”.    When that word comes off of the tongue, it leaves behind a bitter aftertaste.  And while the boys would use it in the context of their dislike of certain vegetables or perhaps, a rule that I had implemented, I was mindful that the “H” word didn’t need to have a place in our home.  Too bad the majority of society haven’t adopted that sentiment.

Do we seem stuck?   The definition of insanity is continuing the same pattern repeatedly and seeking a different result.  Things aren’t improving.  After yet, another,  horrific tragedy where some ignorant, racist individual chooses to kill innocent people, social media is flooded with hashtags of support.  But beyond that, are we really doing anything different?  Nope.

Hashtags don’t really make a difference, friends.  Sure, it represents a way to feel united, but the reality is this is our cycle.   How do we heal?  How do we make a decision to no longer tolerate this type of blatant hostility?    I don’t know.   I don’t know how to make this world less scary.

There are people that continually use the “N” word when speaking about those of a different color or the “R” word to describe those with a disability.    It literally makes my skin crawl.  I have no respect for anyone that labels those who are different. They contribute to the ignorance of society.   They are the cracks in our foundation.   They continue to be apart of the problem.    They might not be pulling the trigger, but they provide the ammunition.

We are all different.   That is the thread that makes the blanket of life so interesting.  With each violent act, the cracks in our humanity become gaping holes.   While there is always hope for improvement, the farther away we remove ourselves from our core human values, the less likely we are to recover.    And that is a sobering reality.