Square Peg ● Round Hole







“I just fired her,” my mother shared, in her rather giddy tone when telling me about the new episode of “How To Make My Daughter Internally Scream”.  In this particular episode, this seemingly innocent elderly woman creates havoc by telling said caregiver that her services were no longer needed.  I may have done some external screaming as well.   Christ. On. A. Cracker.

I was first texted by the former caregiver of the situation and then the agency called to make sure that I was aware.   So, I called my mother to get the background of this predicament.   You know in the horror films where there is always that stupid girl who walks into the dark room and you already know that she is going to be bludgeoned?  That was me, yesterday.   Only I think the chick in the horror film got off easier than me.

I reminded my mother that now we would be in the phase of trying to find another person to fit her unrealistic expectations.   I might have shared that she didn’t have the authority to fire anyone.  Her response was, “I am tired of you being in charge”.   Well, at least we both agree on that because I am certainly tired of making the decisions.

Today, a new person will show up at her door today.  Prior, I will receive a phone call from her requesting that I cancel the shift.   The euphoric feeling of firing her former caregiver will have worn off and we will now have entered the phase of “I don’t want anyone new in my house”.   I will not bend or conform.   She will have to endure the process of finding the ideal candidate.   Jesus.  Take. The. Wheel.

Will my mother be open to a new caregiver?  Will I lose my shit?  Stayed tuned for the next episode of, “How To Make Your Daughter Internally Scream”.