Square Peg ● Round Hole







There are a lot of things about the city of Louisville that I love.  We have amazing food, our arts community is thriving, and, of course, entertain the masses with our two week celebration of the greatest two minutes in sports.  Splash a little bourbon in the mix and you have the ideal setup.   We also have a little thing I like to call “chaotic forecasting”.  This is a phenomenon where we are on high alert for precipitation that probably won’t occur.

Starting tonight,  we are under a “winter weather advisory”.  This is similar to an apocalypse.  People will begin to freak out.  School will probably be cancelled.  Shelves that once hosted bread will be empty.   Back in the day, we had weather surprises.  They crept up on us and guess what, we survived.   In fact, I prefer it that way.   There was no impending doom looming over the masses for days.  People weren’t anxiety ridden.  We just flowed with whatever came our way.

I totally understand that weather forecasting is like gambling.  The direction of said weather is unpredictable.  Even with all of the fancy, high-tech equipment, we are still hit or miss.  It is baffling.   The loom of this impending “disaster” will cause quite a stir at Kroger especially if it is senior citizens day.  Y’all have fun with that.  I am going to experience the day as if it were any other and spend it in a state of blissful denial.