Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, Monday was when I started revamping my eating and focusing on getting my body to a healthy weight.   And if I am being completely honest, it isn’t just about the weight, I would love to the opportunity of not feeling pressured when putting on clothes and wondering if today would be the day the pants would not button.  I am not doing this for anyone but me.  That is how change begins.  My attitude needs to match my willingness to do it different.

Even though this was a practice week, I jumped in feet first.   I want to be in a place that when it officially starts, I have a comfort level.   What I found surprised me.    I don’t feel deprived.  I have more energy.   Thanksgiving was a breeze especially when I loaded up on vegetables and turkey.  Plus, I didn’t pass up the dessert or adult beverage.   That is the ideal lifestyle initiative.

I did have a little blip.   One day I shared on our private group page how I substituted tomato for bread in a tuna melt.   The photo was gorgeous with its melted piece of cheese on top and it was yummy.    What I didn’t realize was that this particular program tries to stay away from dairy aka cheese, which is kind of like one of my food ten commandments.  I mean, I am not addicted to cheese, but I will not give up cheese.  It is all in moderation.  

Here is what I need in this stage of life…..accountability, sustainability, and reliability.   I need to be accountable to someone I trust and who wants me to succeed.  I need to be reliable which means not bailing when I feel like it is too hard.   I also need to be adopting a lifestyle that is sustainable.   Granted, I have only been practicing for less than a week, but I already am reaping the rewards.  (Pants that didn’t fit a week ago, button with ease.) Sure, I will probably struggle a bit or not do it perfectly, but my willingness far out weighs the stumbles.