Square Peg ● Round Hole







I love how social media shows me highlights of my life.   This morning, I was greeted by Facebook with a photo of Brian, Bryce and myself from last year’s senior night.  I remember thinking how quickly his last year in high school was going and that I needed a pause button.  Now, almost halfway through his freshman year in college, I am feeling the exact same way.

Today, we are headed to his last home football game at WKU.  The season hasn’t been great in terms of wins, but for Bryce, it has given him lots of learning opportunities and a great deal of satisfaction as a student athletic trainer.  His first semester hasn’t been without its own trials.   When struggling in one of his classes, he told me that “it wasn’t the college way to ask for help”.  It was nice that his professor, in that particular class, reinforced that asking for help is the only way to be successful.    Sometimes our children hear the message from someone else.  Glad he is willing to listen.

There have been adjustments dealing with his roommate.    Bryce had a private room for about six weeks into the semester, so it was a different scene sharing a room with a virtual stranger.  But, he has done it with mostly grace.  He has called to reason things out about certain situations and I am grateful that we have that type of relationship. 

When he left, I was fearful and sad.  But, as the semester has cruised at a speedy pace, I am comfortable.    He is happy, healthy, and thriving.  There have been bumps, but he has recovered from those nicely.   He is forging his own way, and while I wish time would slow a bit, I can’t wait to see what the future has lined up for him.