Square Peg ● Round Hole







I think any given day is presented to me as an opportunity to take things as they come.  Do I do it very well?  Nope.  But, I am at least willing to try again and again.  I shared yesterday that our furnace decided to go on a bender with Mother Nature.  Of course, I didn’t have all of the information, and I was incorrect on that assumption.  What happened was that it had been taken hostage.  Let me explain.

The thermostat read 70 at 5 pm on Wednesday evening and slowly decreased as night spilled into morning.  By 6 am, it was 66 which I thought was odd because if it were truly not working, then the temperature would be a lot lower.   The furnace guy came and spent over an hour going over the system coming up baffled until his last item to check.  “How long have you had that tarp on your chimney?”   Well, friends, we are having our chimney rebuilt and they covered it Wednesday to allow the cement to dry.  I didn’t even think about the fact that the tarp would restrict the flow of air, but that is what happened.  “I am going to have to shut off the furnace entirely because continued usage could do damage to your system.”   Yep, I might have said “Fuck”.  Okay, I did.  I also said a bunch of other stuff because I cuss like a sailor, but after unleashing, I went to work.  Fortunately, the company we went with demonstrates excellent customer service.  Once I called, they had someone over to our house within 30 minutes along with a credit to what I paid out to the furnace company.   When the gentleman showed up, I asked if he drew the short straw.  He laughed and within minutes I was able to turn on my furnace and watch the temperature return to regular programming.  Problem solved.

This is an excellent reminder for life with others and experiences that render me powerless.    Jumping to conclusions without all the information is a recipe for an emotional spiral and overreactions.    Also, unleashing on unsuspecting individuals does nothing but drain me and doesn’t allow me to be apart of the solution.    Plus, kudos for my furnace not hanging out with bad influences like Mother Nature.   I should have had more faith.  Instead, it was an innocent party to a hostage situation involving an overzealous tarp.

As the temperature in our home steadied at 70 and the snow began to fall outside, (seriously, I know it was only a half an inch, but with my three inches of leaves littering the ground, it looked like a lot of snow), I became aware that my reactions for the day resembled a sane person and I was grateful that I didn’t resemble psycho Mother Nature who drinks too much.