Square Peg ● Round Hole







Having everyone home has been lovely and weird all at the same time.  People that have walked the transition of high school to college warned me, but until you experience it, you really can’t relate.   Now that Bryce has been gone since July, we have fallen into our own routine.   I cook for three.  I purchase groceries for three.   I only handle the schedule of three.  So, when Bryce came home, I realized that we have adapted so well that he is the one confused.

It is odd to have four in the house again.  It is strange that I had to remember to buy milk as he is the only one who drinks it.  It is unbelievable that I almost forgot how one more individual can make my dishwasher full faster, empty the refrigerator in a rapid pace, and inhabit the bathroom for  long stretches of time.   Not that I am complaining.  I love that he is home. It is just a different vibe for all of us.

Change is a funny anomaly.   Of course, we expect it, despise it, and sometimes try to avoid, the inevitable occurs.   We simply can’t take a detour.  And while, it can shake us to the core and prove to be challenging, there are so many blessings that come with it.   Sometimes you can’t see those when you are in the thick of it.  But, when the dust settles, those hidden miracles are revealed.    The miracle is that I haven’t been an emotional mess for months.  That I haven’t cried openly on the phone when I have missed him.  Oh, and that I have allowed him to vent his issues with whatever is currently happening in his life without trying to fix them.   I moved myself from active play to sideline spectator.   But, even with the adapting we have all done, there is always space for him.   That is what coming home is all about.