Square Peg ● Round Hole







After my “ood Morning” typo on the email, I was hopeful that the day would definitely improve.  I did get a response back and to my intense pleasure, it too, had typos.   Humans embracing being human.   Grateful to be on track for my deadline, I put the work aside to focus on something else…….my menopausal figure.

I have been “doing all the next right things” to improve my health.  I workout, drink plenty of water, and try to make the best food choices that I can.   My 51 year old body has decided to ignore me.   Blatantly giving me the finger whenever it has the chance.  Seriously, what the hell did I ever do to it?   I have taken it on trips to Europe.  Given it spa treatments.   Dressed it in adorable clothes.   Still no response.   So, I made a commitment yesterday to break the silent treatment.

Sometimes, special workers are necessary.  In this instance, I need accountability.  I need guidance.  I can no longer do this alone.    For me, that is the definition of surrender.  Realizing that I need the assistance of someone that has the knowledge and capability to help me move forward.   And sure, some might consider this the craziest time of the year to start a new eating regime or is it?   There is never a good time to change things up.  There will always be an excuse.  At this stage in the game, I have nothing to lose except, well, fat.

I am not starting the program for another week, but will blog about my progress.  There probably will be a little complaining.  Maybe whining or maybe not.   Who knows.  This is just another lesson for my body.  When you don’t respond to me, I will bring out the big guns.