Square Peg ● Round Hole







Can I just say that I can’t even believe it is already Thanksgiving?   It seems like yesterday that I was witnessing the combination of Halloween candy and Christmas decorations lining store shelves. Oh wait, it was.   I do have a lot to be grateful for and the good news is that it isn’t just saved for today.  I strive for an attitude of gratitude on a daily basis.

For some, this holiday is stressful.  You are gathered with individuals that you may wish you weren’t.   Sometimes emotional eating is a bonus since  dealing with family can be a trigger.   Comes in handy when Uncle so-and-so wants to talk politics or perhaps, analyze the ways that you are lacking in your life.  You can’t respond because you have an entire pie in your mouth. Winning!

I walk the line like a drunken clown.   My rule is keeping things light and polite and remembering to quit taking things personally(QTIP).   Most of you all know from my blogs that my mother could test the patience of Mother Teresa.   She is my greatest tool tester.   I am grateful for that in many ways as she reminds me how to do things differently.   The holidays don’t have to be a hostage situation.  I have choices.   And today, that is a huge game changer.

I have the choice to be kind and loving.  I have the choice to allow her comments to simply bounce off of me as if I am Wonder Woman.  I have the capability to focus on all of the good that is present in my life instead teetering on the edge of anxiety.  I have the choice to make this an amazing holiday season by not cosigning the bullshit that people are that powerful to take away my peace of mind.   The change has to begin with me. 

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!