Square Peg ● Round Hole







Pre-wedding weekend is behind me and the shower that I gave to my soon-to-be niece was amazing.  You know those moments where you literally feel like you kicked ass?  That’s me, right at this moment.   The whole production was effortless and tremendously special.  I have to say that the true blessing was the ability to hire special workers.  Those who have the capability of pulling off what would have sent me over the edge if I were doing it myself.  From the venue, Chateau Bourbon, to the invitations with its impressive calligraphy (thank you Julie Diamond of Julie Diamond Calligraphy and Invitations – www.juliediamondinvitations.com), the celebration could not have been more memorable.

If you live in Louisville, Kentucky or have hopes of visiting -(I might be biased, as I am a hometown girl, but this city is by far the best place to live) – you must check out Chateau Bourbon (http://www.chateaubourbon.com).  This cozy bed and breakfast doubles as a gorgeous entertaining venue.   The owners, John and Missy Hillock are incredible.  Not just because this is their jam, but because they both have had an integral part in Bailey’s life.   Missy worked with individuals with Down syndrome for years.  She helped myself and many navigate the bumpy terrain of educating those with special needs.  But, then she and John decided to follow their dream and Chateau Bourbon was born.

Fast forward to yesterday where the food – all made by Missy – was delectable.   The energy was magical and the bride-to-be was glowing.  Surrounded by family and friends, this is one of many times we will gather together to embrace the bride and groom.  Having two boys, I will say it was refreshing to be in the company of female energy.  It was such a different vibe catering to the feminine side.

What I found myself so grateful for yesterday, was the incredible taste that both of my nephews, Logan and Caden, have in the women that they have picked to be their partners.  Kind, loving, and incredible compassionate, they encompass everything that I hoped they would find.   Yesterday was simply a reminder of how fortunate our family is and how blessed I am to get to be a part of it all.