Square Peg ● Round Hole







While some of you basked in the joy of an extra hour of sleep, I crawled out of bed due to the begging of my beloved Basset hounds.  Their cries could not be silenced with my usual hushed screams of “go back to bed”.  No, instead they manipulated me with their high pitched whines.   As I adjusted my eyes, I realized that the time was 5:00 flippin’ am.  The darlings usually wake me around 6 am, so I came to terms that they are deeply affected by the time change and they really don’t give a shit about my feelings.

Of course, I tried to find some gratitude.  Like the alone time I get to have before everyone rises, but I still can’t get past that it was 5 flippin’ am.    The day continues in a flurry of confusion.  Bailey wakes up at 8 am because he didn’t change his clock and assumed it was 9 am.   The girls are on my ass, literally, when they feel that meal time has been forgotten.    This chaos will continue for a week until everyone has adjusted.   I dislike Daylight Savings Time.

The main reason for the time change was to make good use of daylight and save energy. In the summer, our clocks move forward to extend an hour of daylight to the evening.  In the winter, we are just screwed with darkness by 5:30.  We can blame several individuals for this predicament, but the one I say is responsible is Richard Nixon.  He is the one that signed it into law.  Didn’t he do enough? What a tool.

If you have small kids or pets, the time change probably made you cranky.  It did me.  You don’t reap the rewards.  Nope, you are simply penalized for dedicating your lives to others.  It’s crap, people.   No wonder people suffer from seasonal depression struggle more in the winter.   And really, it is any surprise that all of the disruption to the time is rooted in some male thinking it would be a good idea?   Not really.