Square Peg ● Round Hole







I was given an assignment for a magazine that is on a tight deadline.  Armed with my information, I reached out to several individuals in order to secure interviews and to lock in a date to photograph them.    It seemed effortless until one of those individuals had yet to respond.   I was flabbergasted and quite annoyed.  Then I realized that it was me.  I was the problem.

I emailed her twice in the last two days.    Yesterday, I was going to escalate the issue by using a device that is commonly referred to as a telephone.   As much as I dislike chatting with strangers on the phone, it was becoming increasingly obvious that this would be my next step.  As I sipped my morning drug of choice aka my coffee, it occurred to me to check the email address.   Sure enough, I had transposed two letters, so now instead of being annoyed at the woman who didn’t respond, I was simply pissed off at myself.  Two days wasted.  Deadline approaching.   Trying not to lose my shit in the meantime.

So, I sent an email at 6:33 am to this individual to the CORRECT address.   As it was about to send I realized that there was no “G” placed in front of the “ood” for my initial greeting.  It read “ood morning”.  Seriously, I should have a marquee running across my forward indicating “user error”.  I am sure that she is super excited to put the organization’s story into my “sort of ” capable hands.   Christ on a cracker, friends.

I will be able to laugh about it once I hit my deadline.   It will all work out as it usually does.  I would like to blame it on having Dyslexia, but I don’t have that.   I would like to blame it on the information provided to me from another source, but it was correct.   Live and learn, I suppose, and realize that it will probably happen again.   The source is usually the user.