Square Peg ● Round Hole







Something strange is occurring.  Yesterday, we learned that the coach for  Bryce’s college football team had been let go.  I have now become obsessed with the replacement.   Let me just say that I adored their coach.  He was kind, personable, and made an effort to push an agenda that would benefit the players not himself.  That is a rare commodity in today’s college sports landscape.   What the hell is happening that I am now contemplating the future of the next football coach at WKU????

This morning, I read the reports of who is on the list of possible replacements.   I am weighing the pros and cons like I am the one making the decision.    When did I become so interested in football?   Okay, maybe it is because I have a dog in the fight.  Maybe, it is possible that my body has been invaded by the spirit of my father who declared “football is my favorite sport” when all I ever saw him watch was basketball.   

I was never interested in this full contact sport where an odd shaped ball was the subject of fascination.   I never understood the fundamentals and still question what is happening since I get easily distracted by the people watching.  But still, I am invested in who will replace the former coach.  Not that any of this really affects Bryce, but there was a small part of me that felt comfortable with Coach Sanford in place.  He personalized the environment.  He knew my kid’s name.   I know that isn’t the point, but as a Mom, it kind of gave me solace.

I know, in the end, it is all about how many games you win that leads to job security.   That this particular field can be littered with uncertainty.  But, never did I imagine that I would be reading up on all the possible contenders and weighing their probability.   Mind you, I am not really analyzing their gifts as coaches.  I am looking to see if they are decent human beings.  Let’s face it, in the world of sports, integrity along with a moral compass is a novelty.  The waiting game has begun.