Square Peg ● Round Hole







So far, this week has been filled with unwanted surprises – and it is only Wednesday.    I am not going to go into the particulars as it is not my story to tell.  Let’s just say that I am questioning God’s timing even though, most days, it appears He is fairly competent in his job.

These unexpected scenarios are part of life.  I used to spend a great deal of time waiting for the other shoe to drop which was insane as it took away from those moments of bliss.    As I wrote about yesterday, it is all about my own reaction.  Giving the situation too much power doesn’t allow me to see the miracles.    When I shift to gratitude, that is when the blessings become clear.

But what happens when it’s murky and heavy?  How do you find peace and thankfulness in that? For me, it is an ebb and flow.   There is peace and then chaos.  It continues until I have unraveled those emotions like a tangled rope.   I have to remind myself to stay present because that is when I will see God in action.  

Life is unfair, messy, and sometimes, a complete shit show.   It makes me questions the crap out of stuff and then I am reminded that everything presented to me is a learning opportunity.  At this point, I am truly wondering how much more learning is necessary.  I feel like I am a pretty good student, shouldn’t I be exempt from all of these life exams?  I show up to class.  I do the assignments presented to me. Apparently that is not how it works, but I can guarantee that when I meet up with the guy in charge, I will dropping some excellent suggestions his way.   

And since we are in full-on holiday chaos, this is an excellent reminder to simply BE.    Continue to show up.  Continue to walk through the muck.  Continue to jingle all the way because life’s jingles shouldn’t never be half-assed.  Even with the hard stuff, show up full-throttle and light that bitch up.