Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am not sure whose idea it was, but I am pretty sure that the person is either crazy or a complete genius.    One of my friends and I, after having lunch recently, were trying to figure out something fun to do with a few other couples.   I tossed the idea of ax throwing out as it seemed oddly interesting.  Yes, I did say ax throwing.  Apparently, this is a real thing complete with leagues.

Last night, four of my favorite couples along with Brian and myself, gathered to explore this phenomenon.   Let me just state that my concern was that I would throw an ax similar to how I bowl, which could technically maim someone.   They provide someone to coach you, provide the safety rules, and of course, before you begin, you sign a waiver releasing them of any responsibility should you accidentally injure yourself or others.  One of the rules was that you shouldn’t lick the ax.  Yes, you heard me.  Apparently, there are those individuals in this world who feel the need to lick their ax.  I feel that those people shouldn’t even be allowed to hold a straw let alone an ax.   And, if you appear drunk, they will take your ax away and you will be made a spectator.  (Oh, did I forget to mention that they had a bar?  You too can drink and hurl a dangerous weapon in an attempt to hit the bulleye.)

Then it was time to practice.   I knew that my ax throwing ability would resemble a drunk clown.  The first try hit the wall and then fell to the floor. My second practice shot hit the bullseye, which was quite a surprise for me.  However, I knew that I would be a one hit wonder and I was.   We competed girls against the guys and were defeated, but no one was injured or killed, so I think we were all winners.   

I was surprised at how much fun it was.  Who knew that throwing axes would be a thing?   If you live in or around Louisville, I encourage you to take a group and do it.  Just remember to not lick the ax.

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