Square Peg ● Round Hole







There are moments in life that are so impactful, they can literally take your breath away.  At that moment, you may look at life in disbelieve.  Perhaps, you question how it will work out in the end.   And then, the shock wears off and the feelings of anger, hurt, and fear enter the stage. Reaction is everything.   The reaction given to any situation is the amount of power you are choosing to give to it.

I remember when I lost my job as a columnist that I had held for ten years. The amount of sadness that I felt was palpable.   The reactions from those I worked with surprised me.  Actually, it was more like how they didn’t react.  It was as if I didn’t really exist.  That those ten years were simply an illusion.  Let’s just say, I took the whole episode deeply personal.  I gave those individuals and my own fear a whole lot of power.   It is when I started to look at the situation with new eyes, that the intensity of my feelings started to diminish. 

The reality was I wasn’t really happy writing that column anymore.  It didn’t challenge me.   It was the same routine just a different subject. While financial fear was heightened, the realization that God had a plan soothed me.    Here we are almost two years later and I am writing for a variety of publications.  I have figured out the ones who truly embrace my abilities, challenge me to be a better writer, and give me assignments that provide the opportunity to spread my wings.   It is all still unfolding.  

It is in the toughest of situations that I need the reminder of how influential my reactions can be.   It isn’t a speedy process.   Hell, sometimes, I need to wallow.  But I can’t stay there.   Moving forward and doing the next right thing. sheds the weight of whatever the situation is.    I just have to be willing to do that and to remember that all is well.  It always works out better than I ever thought it would.   That is why God is in charge and I am not.