Square Peg ● Round Hole







I don’t know why I am surprised at the levels some human beings will stoop.  The wrath they spread with rumors.   It is a mirror of their own insecurities, unhappiness, and the feeling of being less than.  They must have a gaping hole of emptiness that they must fill in order to feel whole.   When we focus on that image, it becomes easier to reconcile their destructive behavior.

A friend of mine has this exact situation with one of her children.   A “friend” has now taken it upon herself to spread untruths about her child in an effort to destroy the relationship between another individual.   The color of green is particular ugly when used to distort another person’s character.   In this case, my friend’s child is confused, hurt, but most of all, questioning why this individual is using her as target practice.  

In my opinion, spreading rumors about someone is blatant bullying in the psychological sense.   It has been a mantra in our home to not surrender their power to individuals who misrepresent the person that they are.  In other words, stop renting them space in your head.   Stop overthinking and analyzing this individual.   It fuels their effort.

Someone once told me that what other people say about me is none of my business.    That was a shocking statement.  After all, if I am the subject of someone’s lies, why shouldn’t it be my business?    Truth be told, if people are talking about me, I should be flattered.    I am a delightful subject to discuss.  My experience dictates that when I reside in my own lane, focus on what I am doing,  the chatter dies.  Attention gives it power.   This is the exact advice my friend gave her child.  And truth be told, while a painful lesson that we often have to endure, it will lead to a more serene existence when other’s action don’t take us hostage.   Ultimately, it is our choice.